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 Regarding the Word of the Day!

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Regarding the Word of the Day! Empty
PostSubject: Regarding the Word of the Day!   Regarding the Word of the Day! EmptyFri Sep 02, 2011 10:44 am

Hey FFL members,

I have noticed that it looks like the New Egyptian Arabic Word of the Day that gets posted doesn't get any comments, so I am wondering if it showing up on people's lists as having a new message, or if no one knows that a new one has been posted.

The category has been split into two sections: The Old Word of the Day and the New Egyptian Arabic Word of the Day. All older posts will be moved to the Old Word of the Day topic the day after they are posted (or whenever a new Word of the Day is posted).

So, make sure that you check out the WotD topic, even if it looks like nothing new may be in there!

Also, if there is a word or phrase that you love that you think other FFL members would love too, feel free to send a message and it will be posted (with a thanks to you for suggesting it).

Thanks for your hard work on keeping the forums up and running,

The FFL Team

Regarding the Word of the Day! ClairestrnadRegarding the Word of the Day! Peace_10
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Regarding the Word of the Day!
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