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 The Alphabet

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PostSubject: The Alphabet   The Alphabet EmptySat Aug 27, 2011 5:08 am

Thanks Ashley for suggesting an Arabic forum, what a great idea!

Here is a list of the isolated letters ("isolated" because some connect to other letters when written in words, and they change shape when they do this) in Arabic and their sounds. Note that these are the pronunciations in Egypt. Arabic is spoken differently around the world.

The easiest way to remember them and how to write all of them, is to form them into groups. I have done this with the following letters by color:

Aliph: ا
Beh: ب
Teh: ت
Theh: ث

Geem: ج
Ha: ح
Kha (that strange gutter "kh" sound): خ

Dell: د
Zell: ذ

Reh: ر
Zeen: ز

Seen: س
Sheen: ش

Sawd: ص
Dawd: ض

Tah: ط
Zah: ظ

Ine: ع
Gheen (anothe gutter "gh" sound): غ
Feh: ف
Khaf: ق
Khef: ك
Lem: ل

Meem: م
Noon: ن
Heh: ه
Wow: و
Yuh: ي

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The Alphabet
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